Friday, November 18, 2011

Annual Truckee Turkey Trot Run cancelled by Town.

Three days before the annual Turkey Trot, scheduled to be run Nov. 13th, I got an email of cancellation.  Reason:  Due to safety concerns of slippery roads.  I really enjoy this low key race with pumpkin pie for awards.  This event has been an annual fund raiser for the Auburn Ski Club for 34 years.   

This year was a little different.  The Ski Club had to take out a permit from the Town of Truckee.  This caused another layer of oversight that had never existed in the past.  The Town Manager, Tony Lashbrook, said it was the Truckee Police Department that made the decision to cancel the race due to safety concerns.  Apparently a little snow on the road is unsafe for pedestrians.  I guess Chief Sensley must use the drive-up windows.

According to the Auburn Ski Club's website, several participants showed up anyway and ran the event.  No one got hurt and 12 of the participants (self timed of course) have their times listed on the Club's website.  That's what I call a fun run!

Auburn Ski Club website:

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