Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dew Tour Opener in Breckenridge this Weekend

The Dew Tour Ski opener runs December 15-18th at Breckenridge. Shaun White, Louie Viteo, Simon Dumont and Kelly Clark are set to compete.

Making its debut in December 2008, the Dew Tour is the first ever winter action sports tour. Made up of three events over the course of as many months, all three stops feature snowboard superpipe & slopestyle, as well as freeski slopestyle & superpipe.

The 50 year anniversary of Breckenridge Colorado is December 16th. They are celebrating with the Dew Tour and their "50 Wishes" campaign. They hope to fulfil the wishes of 50 people over the course of the season.

Check out some Dew Tour action below:
See More Videos at AlliSports.com

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Videos at AlliSports.com

Tour event schedule: http://www.allisports.com/winter-dew-tour/event/nike-open-2011/info/event-info

Breckenridge: http://www.breckenridge.com/default.aspx

Slopestyle Course Stats:

• Overall Length: 2200 ft
• Feature 1: Nike 6.0 Burlington Double Set
• Feature 2: 30 ft Down Rail or 20'/10' Down-Flat Rail
• Feature 3: 55 ft Jump
• Feature 4: 65 ft Jump
• Feature 5: 10'/10'/20' Up-Flat-Down Rail or Box
• Feature 6: 70 ft Jump
• Feature 7: 70 ft Jump

Superpipe Course Stats:

• Length: 550 ft
• Width: 150 ft
• Height: 22 ft
• Angle: 18 degrees
• Deck Width: 23 ft
• Drop-in Ramp Length: 55 ft
• Drop=in Ramp Width: 45 ft
• Drop-in Ramp Height: 25 ft

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