Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mountain Biking the Emigrant Trail

The Commemorative Emigrant Tail, near Truckee, is a popular 15 mile trail that is rideable by novices. It follows a similar route used by the Emigrants in the 1800’s. Ordinarily this trail would be covered in snow and unrideable until spring.

Boatramp on Stampede Reservoir
Today, we rode the trail from Prosser Creek to Stampede Reservoir, a distance of about 10 miles. Surprisingly, most of the trail was dry and dusty like in the summer. However, there were dozens of snow crossing that slowed our progress. The “snow” has turned to ice and is now covered in trail dust from all the riders. The dust and dirt on the ice allows for safe riding at reduced speeds. The worst sections contained frozen wheel ruts that tended to give my front wheel fits.  While the trail is quite rideable, I would not recommend it to novices at this time.

All in all the trail was pretty fun and a whole lot more scenic than Peavine Mountain in Reno. The Prosser Creek trailhead is just off Hwy 89 near the bridge, 4.3 miles North of 80. If you get to Hobart Mills, you’ve gone to far. The trailhead/turnout is easy to spot.

Trailhead at Prosser Creek

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