Monday, December 26, 2011

Ridesharing or Carpooling to Tahoe

Having trouble getting a friend to commit to a ski weekend? You don't have to drive alone. Perhaps you could consider bringing up a paying passenger or ride in their car and pay them. The usual ridesharing sites such as Carpool World, SnowPal's and good old Craig's List will help. However, the two sites you should check out are Ridejoy and Zimride.

Zimride and Ridejoy allow you to make numerous selections to describe your location, destination, time of travel, and price you're willing to pay or receive. Zimride says it's simple to use and "empowers you to create social,sustainable and convenient transportation". "Tahoe" is a featured destination on both Zimride and Ridejoy.

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    Thanks so much for including Ridejoy on your site!

    We're building a friendly community of people sharing rides and making friends all along the West Coast and up to Tahoe. We're hoping to help a ton of skiers/snowboarders get to the slopes this winter in a way that's cost-effective, gas-saving and may even result in a new buddy or two. (As soon as the snow comes, that is!)

    Happy travels!
    Margot, Community Manager @ Ridejoy