Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tahoe locals Xcell at Winter X Games

The Winter X Games from Aspen Colorado are now complete.  Like every year, the riders, skiers, and snowmobilers took it to a whole new level.  History was made at the games when Heath Frisby completed the first forward flip on a snowmobile.
South Lake Tahoe rider/skiers Elena Hight, Hannah Teter, Jamie Anderson, and Maddie Bowman all made the podium at this year’s Winter X Games.  Shawn White, NorthStar's spokesperson, once again took home top honors in the Superpipe.
Men’s Snowboard Superpipe:
      1.     Shaun White  2. Louri Podladtchikov  3.  Christian Haller
Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle:
      1.     Mark McMorris  2.  Sage Kotsenburg  3.  Peetu Piiroinen
Men’s Ski Big Air:
1.     Bobby Brown  2.  Kai Mahler  3.  Jossi Wells
Women’s Snowboard Superpipe:
1.     Kelly clark   2.  Elena Hight  3.  Hannah Teter
Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle:
1.     Jamie Anderson  2.  Enni Rukajarvi  3.  Kjersti Buaas
Women’s Ski Superpipe:
 1.     Roz Groenewoud  2.  Maddie Bowman  3.  Brita Sigourney

In this video Shaun White nails his Double McTwist 1260 to win the Superpipe event.

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