Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nordic World Cup Tour, Lake Tahoe

The 2012 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Tour is the first ski-orienteering (Ski-O) event outside of Europe to host the Ski-Orienteering World Cup.  The tour also includes the North American and U.S. Ski-O Championships, two recreational events, and two World Ranking events.
Today is day 4 of a 10 day schedule of events.  This is a middle distance North American Championship race, taking place at Royal Gorge.  Officials for Royal Gorge are describing the trail conditions as “ideal”, after last weekend’s 2 feet of damp packed snow.  A hard packed surface is what skate skiers want for the best speed.
The remaining days of racing will be held at Tahoe Cross Country (Tahoe City) and the Auburn Ski Club (Donner Summit) trails.
If you want schedules and registration material, the Event Center for the 2012 Sierra Ski-O Tour is in the Community Arts Center, 10046 Church Street, Truckee.  You can also visit: http://baoc.org/wiki/Schedule/2012/Ski-O_Tour/schedule

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