Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow is finally piling up on Tahoe resorts

After the driest Tahoe December in over a century, the snow has begun to fall again. The high pressure area that hung over California and to the North, finally moved out. Light snow has been falling since Thursday.

The natural snow has made a huge difference at the resorts. The mountains look the way they are suppose to look in winter. The white stuff is everywhere. It’s sticking to trees, road signs, and thankfully the ski slopes.

At NorthStar today, 8 more runs were opened. The once hard packed snow and ice slopes are now a light soft powder. Moguls are forming again. I was able to venture off the runs and ski in trees just a little bit. There are still plenty of obstacles to hit, so it’s not real advisable to leave the runs. If the snow keeps falling like they say, next week will be pretty good skiing.

NorthStar 1/22/12 in a snowstorm
New snow report for January 22nd.

Boreal: 8-12” Totals: 19-27”

Alpine Meadows: 7-10” Totals: 20-26”

Diamond Peak: 14” Totals: 28-42”

Heavenly: 8” Totals: 20-30”

Homewood: 5-8” Totals: 16”

NorthStar: 7-12” Totals: 18-23”

Kirkwood: 8” Totals: 26-30”

Squaw Valley: 4-6” Totals: 17-30”

Sugar Bowl: 4-6” Totals: 17-30”

Sierra At Tahoe: 6-10” Totals: 10-27”

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