Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Driving Tips

I know, there is probably nothing here you haven’t seen before.  This is just a friendly reminder for the rest of us.

Check the weather before you go.
Don’t tailgate. Leave plenty of room to slow down.

Make sure you have an operable defroster.

Carry a brush and scrapper to clear snow and ice before you drive.
If you don’t have 4 wheel drive, figure out how to install chains before you need them.

Slow down.  The coefficient of friction is changeable and not always well known.
Do you know how to engage your 4 wheel drive or is it automatic? 

Make sure you have fresh wiper blades and window washer solution.

Careful on the brakes, especially if you don’t have ABS brakes

Have a winter emergency kit on board; water, blankets, gloves, food.
Accelerate lightly, especially in a turn.

Bring your cell phone with a full battery and a charger.
Practice skids and slides in an empty parking lot.  Practice makes perfect.

Drive defensively.  Some people never grasp any of the above tips.

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