Friday, February 17, 2012

3 nights of snow in a Porsche before rescue

A Sacramento man and his girlfriend headed out for a Sunday drive to a remote Placer County Saloon called Uncle Tom’s Cabin. They were driving a 2 wheel drive Porsche on snow covered roads, without chains. For some reason they ended up in the area of French Meadows and high centered the car in a snow drift.

No one knew where they were going and they had no cell reception. Snow was falling, so they elected to spend the night in the car and try to free it the next morning. Snow piled up all night so they decided they would have to wait for a rescue.

They had a few things to eat like bars, trail mix, and cookies. They had little warm weather clothing, but they apparently had enough gas in the car to keep them warm, if they rationed it. The girlfriend, Janette DeGrace, developed a medical problem that needed attention by day three. Therefore, the driver Mark Schroeder, set out on a 6 mile hike to look for help. Schroeder walked in tennis shoes through the snow. He had socks on his hands for warmth. Schroeder eventually got cell reception and dialed 911.

A helicopter picked him up and then his girlfriend a short time later. Schroeder was examined and released and DeGrace has been released from the hospital.

Road & Travel Magazine recommends the following essentials for winter driving.

Fist aid supplies
Basic tools
Fully charged cell phone
Jumper cables
Carpet strips for traction
Ice scraper and brush
Chocolate candy

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