Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Truckee Super Bowl Bars

I can’t say I’ve been to every bar in town, but I’ve seen my share. Every bar or bar/restaurant has it’s own uniqueness that makes it right, depending on your priorities. My single priority for this showdown is the visibility of a good HD TV screen surrounded by passionate football fans. These are my top picks for Super Bowl Sunday in Truckee.

1. The Blue Coyote Bar and Restaurant. This is the only sports bar in town.  They do things right with more TV’s than Costco, great food, great service, working man’s prices, and this place is BIG.

Why watch here? You’ll actually be able to see the game and the food is great.

2. Moody’s. Moody’s is now remodeled and open with a new cheaper/better menu. The main bar room has two nice flat screens and a good size projection TV. They really opened up the front room, but it’s still not real large.   Moody’s wants to fill the place for the Super Bowl so they’re having happy hour all day long.

Why watch here? Good viewing and drink specials.

3. Bar of America. This is the old Truckee stalwart for game day. The TVs are fine and the crowd is good. The food is a bit higher priced than the others, but the quality is good.

Why watch here? Because this is where Truckee fans have always gone on game day.

4. Rubicon Pizza Company. The “Rube” makes good pies and has a good variety of draft beers. They are not owned by NorthStar but they are located in NorthStar Village on the skating rink across from Mikuni. They have 3 nice TVs at the bar.

Why watch here? You just came off the slopes and you’re ready for a cold one and a good place to watch the game.

5. Fifty/Fifty Brewing Company. Sure, these guys have screens all around and they craft their own beer, but the feel is wrong for me here. Maybe it’s just too corporate. There’s no small town charm in this place.

Why watch here? You’re on your way back to the bay area after spending the weekend at your cabin. You try the Donner Party Porter.

6. The Cotton Wood. It’s too bad they don’t have proper televisions because they have a great bar. Sure, their tiny TVs will have the game on, but who’s watching? Oh boy they make a great burger.

Why watch here? Good food and beer.

7. Tourist Bar. This place can be loud and rowdy. The TVs are weak, but the booze is cheap. This place will take you back to the days at your fraternity house during rush week.

Why watch here? Cheap drink and few rules.

8. Past Time Club. This place is special. A few analog TVs and a local clientele. Ask for a “shifter” and the first drink is ½ price, or they’ll tell you where to stick it. The highlight? It’s so cheap.

Why watch here? Cheap drink and no rules.

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