Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lake Tahoe water clarity improves 4 1/2 feet

A report released by the Tahoe Environmental Research Center is good news for the anyone who appreciates the beauty of Lake Tahoe. The famed lake's water is more clear.

Researchers for the agency in Carson City, Nev., detailed that the clarity of the lake in 2011 was 68.9 feet, an increase of 4 1/2 feet from 2010. The total from 2010 was the second worst on record.

Majestic Lake Tahoe is more clear
The report also notes winter clarity last year continued to show steady improvement. But the clarity of the lake in summer months continued to decline as it has for nearly 50 years when monitoring began.

According to the center's scientists, the clarity of 51 1/2 feet last summer was also the second worst on record.

The poor results could be due to last year's heavy snowpack and late spring snowmelt that washed sediment into the lake.

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