Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Truckee: One of the “World’s Best Ski Towns”

National Geographic Adventure named Truckee as one of the “World’s Best Ski Towns”.  The website article rates a classic ski town as one with great skiing, a skiing heritage, amenities, and culture.  Truckee was placed number 16 on the list of World’s Best Ski Towns.
First on the list was Girdwood, Alaska.  Never heard of it myself, but they say it’s a powder paradise and “off-the-beaten-path”.  Numbers 4 and 7 are from Montana, Bozeman and Whitefish.  Crested Butte and Aspen are numbers 8 and 9.  Park City, Utah came in number 15, just ahead of Truckee. 
I was in Park City two weeks ago during the Sundance Film Festival.  I skied 3 days and went into town each evening to try the bars and the restaurants.  It is a nice place, but I’ll take Truckee any day.
National Geographic calls Truckee a “ski mecca” with 8 ski areas within 15 miles.  They say Truckee is where the skiing locals live.  Truckee resident Daron Rahlves calls the Cottonwood the best gourmet restaurant and the Past Time Club “a happening dive bar”.
Truckee ranked higher than notable cities such as Banff, Steamboat Springs, Jackson, and Ketchum (Sun Valley).
What Truckee looks like with snow.

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