Monday, February 20, 2012

Upper Truckee River may get protection

A fishing group is asking the federal government for a “wild and scenic” designation for the Upper Truckee River.  The area for protection is the upper stretch from Scenic Meadows to Meyers.  The river moves from Meyers to South Lake Tahoe where it flows to Lake Tahoe.
California Trout is the fishing group supporting  the action.  Their mission is “To protect and restore wild trout, steelhead, salmon and their waters throughout California”.  Supporters say there is no eminent threat to the river, but they think it is wise to protect it now for future generations.  These waters represent one of the only places where native Lahontan Cutthroat Trout have been reintroduced into the environment.
The “wild and scenic” designation protects the river and shoreline, ensuring they remain free flowing and primitive.  Private land owners in the area fear the additional regulation could hurt their property values by affecting their ability to do what they want near the river.
Meetings are coming up this week in South Lake Tahoe and in Markleeville. 

Truckee River Watershed Council:

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