Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rahlves’ Banzai Tour final day

The Rahlves’ Banzai Tour is ending today where it all started: Sugar Bowl Resort.  Rahlves has not been competing in the tour, but he has been assisting with the course, competitor tactics and qualifying runs.  However, today is the day Rahlves will compete in the “Super Final” taking on the men ski winners from each tour stop.  The Super Final is a single run, winner takes all, race for $10,000 dollars.
Kyle Smaine and John Bochenek will be in the Super Final today.  Smaine won the event in Alpine Meadows, and Bochenek won in Kirkwood and Squaw. 

Starting at the top of Mt. Lincoln and dropping  into the Silver Belt Bowl, the fastest time down the course last year was by Kyle Smaine in 53 seconds. 

The Silver Belt Banzai Race first took place in the 1940’s at Sugar Bowl.  The event was reborn in 2009 with the help of Daron Rahlves, former US World Cup and Olympic ski racer.  Four racers start down the mountain together and the first one down winds.  Very simple concept, but very hard to execute.
Today’s weather report, Snow Showers, High near 38, wind 7-16 with gusts to 23.  1-3 inches of snow accumulation possible.

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