Monday, March 5, 2012

The recent Tahoe snowfall wasn’t enough

The shopkeepers in the Tahoe-Truckee area have a motto; “Pray for snow”.  An optimistic wish for sure, but after the last series of storms the motto should read, “Pray for crummy weather in the valley”.  Even on the best of snow years, it’s the good weather down the hill that keeps the skiers from coming up to ski. Their interest in skiing begins to wane.
Good weather allows too many recreation options.  The long commute and all day commitment can be avoided by getting out the bike, hiking, bird watching, paddling, geocaching, trail running, golfing, or whatever your alternate sport may be.
I saw full parking lots at Boreal, NorthStar and Alpine Meadows this past weekend.  There were car crashes Friday and Saturday morning on Hwy. 89 that backed up ski traffic for miles.  Historic Truckee was filled with cars and people.
From my observation, it was the busiest ski weekend this season. However, with the sunshine and seventies in the valley, how many people will continue to make the drive?  This late in the season it doesn’t matter how big the storm is.
For the ski and tourist industry this ski season is over.  My motto is; “Pray for more snow next year”.

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