Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tahoe Donner buys Euer Valley

Escrow recently closed on Tahoe Donner’s purchase of the Euer Valley.  This is a 482 acre parcel that was purchased for $3 million from the Euer family.  This property is located directly north of the Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center.  In the past, Tahoe Donner has leased the land from the Euer family for use by the ski center.
Town hall meetings to discuss the Euer Valley operating plan will be held at The Lodge Restaurant and Pub on:
March 13, 5-7pm.
March 17, 3-5pm.
The current plan is to open the land for hiking, biking, and equestrian riding with the following guidelines.
1.     Motorized access is forbidden.
2.    Free range lifestock will be present in the valley for 3 years.
3.    The Euer family still owns 40 acres in the middle of the valley which must be avoided.
4.    The equestrian center will remain in the valley.
The following is a video of the Euer Valley.

The Tahoe Donner Board of Directors President Suzy Knisley writes; “We have been in discussion with John Euer for many years concerning this spectacular piece of land that we previously have been leasing.  We are thrilled to have this major piece of property adjacent to Tahoe Donner available permanently to many generations of our homeowners for recreational enjoyment throughout the entire year.  The board greatly appreciates the efforts of our general manager, Robb Etnyre, in seeing this purchase to completion.”

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  1. Just stay out of the upper euer valley, that's where the hillbilly rednecks live.