Friday, March 2, 2012

Tragedy and Elation in Lake Tahoe

I’ll start with the bad news. The victim from yesterday’s avalanche near Ward Canyon and the backside of Alpine Meadows was 29 year-old Benjamin Brackett of Olympic Valley.

Brackett was back country skiing (not at a ski resort) with 2 other friends when the avalanche occurred. Brackett was swept into the trees where he received mortal injuries. The other two skiers were able to find Brackett and summon help. Brackett was taken to Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee in critical condition and later pronounced dead.

Brackett was a food and beverage employee with Squaw Valley Resort.

Jamie Anderson
The South Lake Tahoe good news is snowboarder Jamie Anderson. Anderson won the TTR World Snowboard event in Switzerland, giving her the top spot in the World Snowboard rankings. Anderson’s expertise is “slopestyle”, which is about a course featuring spins, grabs, grinds, and flips. Competitors are judged on their performance over the various features.

Anderson is now over 120 points ahead of second place Kjerskti Ostgaard Buass, from Norway.

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