Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Tahoe celebrates May Bike Month in June

May is National Bike Month everywhere except Tahoe.  Why?  The weather has been so bad the last 2 years, they thought it would be better to start later in the year.   This year, Bike Month is being celebrated in June.  
June 4-15 marks the 7th annual Tahoe Bike Challenge.  The Tahoe Bike Challenge has moved later to “increase the probability of comfortable riding conditions”, which will hopefully get more people out to participate. 
The idea is to get people out of their cars and ride their bikes to work.  Driving is a habit.  If you can create a habit of riding to work, you can help save the environment, lessen traffic congestion and save yourself some money. 
I am retired now, but I rode to work the last 25 years of employment.  There is nothing better than getting a work-out in before work and a mental decompression ride in after work.  Once riding to work becomes a habit, driving becomes a real drag. 

Enjoy the ride!

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