Sunday, April 22, 2012

Possible trail from Tahoe Donner to downtown Truckee

Tahoe Donner and the Town of Truckee are always looking for ways to encourage non-motorized transportation.  A new project is being explored for a paved bike/foot path from Tahoe Donner to downtown Truckee.
The route being proposed runs under the power lines from the entrance of Northwoods Boulevard, through the end of Euer Valley Road, and on to Bridge Street.  I estimate this path to be 1.4 miles in length.  The trail underneath the power lines will not be very scenic.  However, I have walked the proposed route from the power lines to Bridge Street (marked with pink ribbon) near Trout Creek.  This is a very scenic area which runs through Aspen and pine trees. 

Trail 13 would pass through these Aspen along Trout Creek.
This proposed trail is known as Trail 13.  It would be paid for with Special Service Area funds, known as “TSSA 1” to Tahoe Donner residents who pay this special assessment.  Trail 13 would be a 10 foot wide paved multi-use trail for non-motorized vehicles.
The Town of Truckee will take email comments at:
Trail 13 is in red.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Install cable cars on the San Francisco model, but with room for bicycles.

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