Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snow sports sales down 12% through February

Ski and snowboard sales were down a combined 12% in units sold at the end of February, leaving a spike in retail inventories.  However, snowboard apparel was up 35% and “hard goods” were up 18%.  The low-snow totals impacted rental revenue everywhere, but hardest hit was a 30% drop in the Northwest.
Overall snow sports retail sales totaled $3.2 Billion through the end of February 2012, which is still only 4% down from February 2011.
Sales by category:
-Equipment sales, down 8% in units and 3% in dollars sold.
-Apparel, down 2% in units and the same in dollars sold.
-Services/Repair, up 1% in units, up 3% in dollars sold.
-Rental, down 16% in units rented, down 5% in dollars sold.
Sales by category:
On-line sales were up 11% in units sold and up 12% in dollars.
Chain stores sales were down 18% in units sold and down 12% in dollars.
Specialty Shop sales were down 14% in units and down 5% in dollars.

Mother nature was hard on the ski industry this year, but the total dollar figure was only down 4% from last year.  Last year was a fantastic year for skiing with snow totals way above normal.  This year the snow total (in California) is sitting at 51% of normal.  Maybe you could say the ski industry sales were pretty solid for the conditions. 

The statistics are provided by the Snowsports Industries America (SIA)

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