Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Truckee Ranger District begins prescribed burns

Prescribed burns are designed to burn forest vegetation and debris to lessen the intensity of future wildfires adjacent to urban environments.  These prescribed burns are implemented by fire management professionals when the weather conditions are favorable.
Before a burn is initiated, several factors are considered.  Weather, fuel moisture, wildlife needs, soil conditions, tree survival, sensitive plants, and fire suppression activities are considered.
The U.S. Forest Service considers prescribed burns as an “indispensable management tool to restore natural ecological processes.  Natural fire has been suppressed for over 100 years within these ecosystems.
Boca reservoir 11/2011
The Truckee Ranger District plans to burn debris piles along Alder Creek Road, at Timber Trails, and along Hwy. 89 North.  Underburning is planned near Klondike Flats, on Sawtooth Ridge, and near Stampede and Boca Reservoirs.
Smoke may been seen in these areas.  However, the air quality will be monitored by local air quality management districts and the Air Resources Board to ensure healthy conditions in urban areas.
Truckee Ranger District
10811 Stockrest Springs Road
Truckee CA 96161
(530) 587-3558 (voice)
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