Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike tour around Lake Tahoe on June 3

The America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride rolls around Lake Tahoe on Saturday, June 2.  This noncompetitive event, for a sold out crowd of 3,500 cyclists, begins and ends at the Horizon Casino Resort at Stateline.  Riders will begin the ride from 6:00 to 7:30am, using staggered start times, to discourage large packs of riders from forming.

There are 3 ride options that travel in a clockwise direction around Lake Tahoe.  The distances are 35 miles (which includes a boat trip), 72 miles, and 100 miles.  The 100 mile ride includes an out and back on Hwy 89 to Truckee. 
There will be rest stops along the way that are stocked with food and drink for the riders.  Rest stops will be located at Vikingsholm overlook at Emerald Bay, Homewood Ski Resort, Save Mart in Truckee, Kings Beach Plaza and Spooner Junction.
Traffic will be affected by road closures and by the sheer numbers of bikes on the road.  Drivers need to be patient and safe when passing cyclists.  Hwy 89 northbound around Emerald Bay will be closed from 6:30am to 8:30am.  Drivers southbound on Hwy 28 toward Spooner Junction should expect to see riders up to 4:00pm.  Riders will be on westbound Hwy 50 from Spooner to Stateline up to 5:00pm.
This ride is sold-out, but you can show-up at the Horizon Casino Resort at 5:00am to see if you can get one of the limited race-day entries.  This has worked for me in the past.  The ride is beautiful, the rest stops are well stocked, and the roads around the North Lake have been improved.  Try to stay spread-out and ride single file.  Motorists seem to be accepting of bikes that ride single file.  When packs form, tempers soar.
America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride supports the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition and the Nationwide Team in Training.

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