Monday, May 7, 2012

Lance Armstrong finished third at St. Croix triathlon

Lance is back to racing triathlons again.  He was a strong competitor in triathlon as a teen.  His fast cycling times got him noticed by cycling teams and the rest is history.  Lance went on to win the Tour de France seven times.
In recent years, Lance has been trying his hand at marathons.  His latest goal is to race at the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii.  He will be 41 years of age for the Hawaii Ironman this October.
Lance’s third place on May 6, in the St. Croix 1/2 Ironman was similar to his effort earlier in the year at the Panama1/2 Ironman where he finished in second place.  In both races, Lance had good swims, blistering bike times, and then had some fading on the runs.
Professional road and mountain bike cyclist Steve Larsen made a go of it in Hawaii several years ago.  Steve was of course fast on the bike, but just couldn’t hang with the pure triathletes when it came to the run.
Lance will have to pick up his run time for the full Ironman distance in Kona.  If he fades on the ½ marathon now, what will a full marathon and all that heat and humidity in the lava fields do to him?  It will be fun to see how he does.   I heard last year that Lance had a place in Kona and was “quietly” training on the course.  Now we know why.
Dig-me beach, race morning, 2002.

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