Thursday, May 10, 2012

Proposed Martis Valley Trail will connect Truckee with Tahoe City

A new trail is being proposed by the Northstar Community Services District (NCSD). This paved bike trail would begin near the Truckee airport and cross the Martis Valley into Northstar at Tahoe ski resort. The trail would continue South into the mountains and terminate at Sawmill Flats.  Sawmill Flats, also known as Four Corners, is on the paved “Fiberboard Freeway”, which gives access to the trail system that connects with Tahoe City.
The Martis Valley Trail would be a 10-foot wide paved trail with 2-foot running paths on both sides.  Two trail alignments are being considered through Martis Valley.  One alignment parallels Hwy.267 and the other goes around the West end of the valley.  In both cases, existing trails and dirt roads would be utilized.
The 1,200 plus page Environmental Impact Report was released to the public last month.  It is available for download on the Northstar Community Services District website: or at
Important dates:  The 45 day Environmental Impact Report review period ends June 11, 2012.  A public meeting will be held May 16, 5:30pm, at the Town of Truckee Town Hall.  Written comments or questions regarding the draft EIR should be addressed to Mike Staudenmayer, General Manager of NCSD, 908 Northstar Drive, Northstar, CA 96161 or
I am not sure of the draft EIR  documents and related environmental concerns, but I think the bike trail will be a real jewel for trail users and the Town of Truckee.  I rode the trails from the airport to Northstar on my mountain bike last fall.  The trail is a little rough and there are a few sections where a dismount is required.  A fast safe paved bike trail would be a great alternative way to get to Northstar during the summer months. The ability to ride all the way to Tahoe City without going over Hwy. 267 or across 89 would be a dream come true to cyclists. 
Martis Valley Tail Project.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Such a bike trail would be a great alternative way to get to Northstar during the summer months.

  2. In fact, the proposed bike trail is very good for its views and the route is quite convenient to use.