Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Proposed Martis Valley bike trail seeks public input

There is a new bike trail proposal that begins near the Truckee Airport, crosses Martis Valley, and connects with the existing trail system to Tahoe City.  The concept is sound and few people have a problem with additional paved bike trails.  However, some controversy has been sparked by the bike trail’s route through the Martis Valley.
Martis Valley currently has a system of trails and fire roads crossing it, but some say a paved bike trail will not be good for the valley.  They cite environmental concerns, but it may just be that the Martis Valley homeowners don’t want a bike trail through their neighborhood. 
The Northstar Community Services District is the presenting sponsor for the trail.  They have offered two proposed routes through the valley.  I have run and mountain biked both routes numerous times.  I rarely see more than 2 or 3 people out there on my crossings.  There are pedestrian bridges over streams already in place.
The proposed trail to the West end of the valley is a scenic setting that would be beautiful for users to enjoy.  It would certainly take away the nearly private valley that exists for the homeowners.  Why would they want more people to enjoy “their” valley?
The other option is for the trail to cross the valley along Hwy.267.  This is a safe straight passage that would do nothing to disturb any of the existing Martis Valley homeowners or valley users.
Either route would be acceptable to me, but a paved route is definitely needed to bypass the dangerous Hwy.267 route over to Lake Tahoe.  The Martis Valley homeowners should be delighted to get a paved bike trail to Truckee and Tahoe City.
The 45 day comment period ends June 11, 2012.  Written comments or questions regarding the proposed trail should be addressed to Mike Staudenmayer, General Manager of Northstar Community Services District, 908 Northstar Drive, Northstar, CA 96161 or mailto:mikes@northstarcsd.org

For more information and links to the 1200 plus page Environmental Impact Report, you can see my previous article: Proposed Martis ValleyTrail will connect Truckee with Tahoe City.
This is the Westside crossing.

This is the Hwy. 267 route.


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  2. Any ideas on when the trail will be extended? It ends abruptly and hasn’t been worked on for years!