Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reno Air Races are a "Go" for 2012

The Reno Air Races won approval for the special permit necessary to put on the event this September 12-16, 2012.  One other stipulation that they must meet is to secure a $100 million dollar insurance policy.  Air Race officials are confident the policy will be in place “in just a few days”.
2011 AT-6 Reno Races
The future of the 48 year-old race event has been in question after last year when a World War 2 fighter plane crashed, killing the pilot, 10 spectators, and injuring more than 70 others.
One of the recommendations put out by the NTSB after the crash investigation, was to evaluate the feasibility of using G-Suits by the unlimited class racers.  The use of G-Suits, a special suit to overcome severe gravitational loads, is still under evaluation by the race board.
In addition to the air races, there will be static aircraft exhibits and a host of airshow performers, including the Patriot Jet Team.
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