Friday, June 29, 2012

Good buys in used water ski boats

It’s time to get the boat on the water and start skiing and boarding.  If you don’t have a boat and haven’t looked at the prices lately, you may be in for sticker shock. After looking at new boats, you might consider buying a used boat.
Waterski Magazine recently reviewed used boats and selected the top 5. All of these boats are geared toward water skiing, not wakeboarding. These boats exhibit minimal wake for the best skiing. 

·         92-95 Master Craft Pro Star 190.  Good tracking and good directional control.  $8,000 to $16,000, or more.

·         96-2002 Malibu response LX.  Versatile boat with open bow, and high-end performance.  $8,000 to $18,000.

·         97-2001 Correct Craft Ski Nautique.  Smooth ride, craftsmanship throughout. $10,000-$18,000.

·         97-2003 MB Sports Boss 190. Good power, by skier Mike Brendel. $17,000-$21,000.

·         84-1999 Supra Comp TS6M. Good handling and low-effort steering.  $6,000.

I think people are generally looking for wakeboard boats these days.  Wakeboard boats supply huge waves at slower speeds.  If you buy a ski boat, mount a tow tower on it and make your guests ride in the back seat to get a good wakeboard tow.

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