Monday, June 4, 2012

Storing your skis for the summer

The snow is still falling but the wheels have quit turning at Lake Tahoe ski resorts.  How do you properly store your expensive winter gear?  Heaping them somewhere in a hot Sacramento garage or a musty Oregon basement is not the answer.
Storing your skis
Hot wax your skis and make sure the wax completely coats the edges.  Don’t scrape the wax off your edges.  The wax will protect the edges from moisture and minor hits.
Do your best to store your skis in a non-humid environment with moderate and consistent temperatures, just like wine. 
Store your skis vertically, unlike wine.  Hanging skis in standard tip racks are fine.  Place straps around the tips and tails if you have to stand them.
Leave your bindings in the entry position, not locked down.  Some people recommend releasing spring pressure on the bindings by setting each DIN number to zero.  (Remember your number and reset each toe and heel next season!).
Ski boot storage
Clean your boots with a damp cloth and pull the liners out.  Replace the liners when you are sure they are completely dry. 
Buckle your boots loosely so they hold their proper shape. 
Cover them with a cloth to keep out rodents and sore them in a non-humid environment like your skis.
Next season when you pull out your gear, it will be undamaged and ready to serve you well.

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