Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why is SUP paddling getting so popular?

Racing at Donner Lake
The sport of Stand Up Paddle on paddle boards is becoming increasingly popular. New rental companies, retail stores, and paddle lessons are springing up this year at Tahoe. What is the attraction?

1. Getting out on the water and enjoying the sun on anything is fun.  This is something new to try.

2. The standing position allows you to look down into Tahoe’s beautiful clear water. You don’t have the surface glare like seated paddlers.

3. You can use your paddle board in lakes, bays, rivers, and even the ocean.

4. The boards are light and easily transported on your vehicle.

5. It’s a great low impact sport that you can take to any level. You can cruise the waterways nearly effortlessly or get competitive. SUP is a great workout for the core muscles in your back and stomach.

6. You can paddle in calm water, whitewater, or ocean waves.

7. The people who SUP are friendly and want to help others join their ranks. After all, people who SUP, walk on water!

Give SUP a try sometime. My wife and I took our first rides from strangers who offered their boards for us to try. Both of us were able to paddle without falling the very first time.

Boards can be purchase new in the $800 to $1600 dollar range. The hot racing boards can cost $3,000 and I am sure there are some beginner boards for less than $800. Check Craig’s List for used boards.

Do you already SUP and want to compete?  Check out my list of Lake Tahoe area races.

Here are some professional SUP racers in the closing meters.

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