Monday, July 9, 2012

Ironman Lake Tahoe has a bike course closure

Athletes intending to pre-ride the Ironman Lake Tahoe bike course will be in for a surprise near the Truckee Tahoe Airport. The course takes you through a subdivision called Martis Camp, off Hwy. 267, west of the airport. Martis Camp is a swank gated community.

I was attempting to pre-ride the bike course, but I got stopped by the Martis Camp gatehouse guards on Schaffer Mill Road, mile mark 34. The guard was aware of the Ironman Lake Tahoe race, but he said he has not been given authorization to let participants pass now or on race day. As far as he knows, Martis Camp has not given the race permission to go through their property. He said he has turned dozens of riders around and will continue to do so.

If you are out riding the course, stay on Hwy 267 near the airport and proceed straight up over Brockway Summit without going through Martis Camp and Northstar.

If Ironman gets permission for us to pass, this section will be the second biggest climb on the course. Brockway Summit is the largest climb.

Martis Camp will not allow you to ride this section.


  1. I'm sure WTC has permission for race day. I would not expect anyone to be allowed to pre-ride the course and I wouldn't expect the gate guard to know anything about the agreement. His job is to keep people out, and that is what he will do.

    1. I suspect every detail on the course has not been completed yet. However, when the final course details are complete, I "expect" to pre-ride the course. If athletes are unable to pre-ride the course, I "expect" the race director to tell people.