Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mountain Lion hunted by Fish and Game

A 63 year-old Bay Area man was attacked by a mountain lion last Sunday. The attack happened in Nevada County just north of Nevada City. The unnamed man was sleeping outside in a sleeping bag when the attack occurred.

The man was awakened around 1:00am when he felt something pressing on his head. The big cat attacked for about 2 minutes before backing off.

Claw marks in the camper's sleeping bag.
The man drove himself to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley where he was treated for “severe scratches and several puncture wounds”, according to KXTV in Sacramento.

Fish and Game verified the mountain lion attack and found tracks in the area. They are currently tracking the animal with dogs. Their goal is to capture or kill the animal because it presents an imminent threat to public safety.

The Department of Fish and Game has statistics of mountain lions that had to be killed for public safety. Several mountain lions are killed every year for this reason.

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