Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 Tevis Cup horse race is underway

The Western States Endurance Ride is popularly known as the Tevis Cup. It began in 1955, making it the oldest modern-day endurance ride in the nation.

The Tevis Cup started at 5:15am this morning. Riders began their 100 mile journey from the Robie Equestrian Center, located near the backside of Northstar ski resort. The race goes south on road N-6 to the Western States Trail. The States trail crosses Hwy. 89 and carries them up and over Squaw Valley ski resort. The finish is in Auburn at McCann Stadium in the Auburn Fairgrounds.

Riders/horses have 24 hours to complete the race. There are several veterinarian checks along the course to ensure the safety of the horses. Typical completion rates for the last few years vary from a high of 69% to a low of 43%. This is a difficult race folks!   Most of the horses are Arabians.

The last race data lists the following riders in the lead at mile 67.9:

1. Garrett Ford
2. Lisa Ford
3. Heather Reynolds
4. Kevin Myers
5. Rusty Toth
6. Barrak Blakeley
7. Hannah Pruss
8. Shannon Constanti
9. Sue Basham
10.Willemina De Boer

\update: 8/5
Final Results:  Top 10

1 Ford, Garrett IN at 10:05PM 100.0
2 Ford, Lisa IN at 10:05PM 100.0
3 Myers, Kevin IN at 10:20PM 100.0
4 Toth, Rusty IN at 10:20PM 100.0
5 Constanti, Shannon IN at 11:25PM 100.0
6 Hefker, Marcia IN at 11:38PM 100.0
7 De Boer, Willemina IN at 11:43PM 100.0
8 Hatfield, Shellie IN at 11:43PM 100.0
9 Basham, Sue IN at 12:23AM 100.0
10 Stalley, Alyssa IN at 01:13AM 100.0

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