Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake Tahoe named “Best Lake in America”

USA Today recently conducted an online poll to determine the best lake in America. After the final tally, Lake Tahoe was named the best.

The nominees were:

·         Blue Mountain Lake, New York.
·         Little Tupper Lake, New York.
·         Lower Saranac Lake, New York.
·         Rainy Lake, Minnesota.
·         Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.
·         Lake Charlevoix, Michigan.
·         Lake Lure, North Carolina.
·         Lake Rabun, Georgia.
·         Lake Martin, Alabama.
·         Suttle Lake, Oregon.
·         Crescent Lake, Washington.
·         Lake Tahoe, California.
·         Moosehead Lake, Maine.
·         Lake Willoughby, Vermont.
·         Newfound Lake, New Hampshire.
Waterman's Landing, Carnelian Bay

After looking at photos of the various lakes, I think Donner Lake could have beaten most of those lakes back east.  Moosehead Lake and Crescent Lake are certainly beautiful lakes, but they don’t have the recreation options that Lake Tahoe or even Donner Lake have.
The runner-up vote went to Lake Charlevoix, with strong support for Lake Martin, Lake of the Ozarks and Lake Lure. Further down the list were Blue Mountain Lake, Newfound Lake, and Crescent Lake.
Lake Tahoe was picked number one for the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the year-round recreation.  Casino action and paddle wheel dinner cruises also influenced the win.

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