Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heavenly Resort has new green snowmaking capabilities

Heavenly Resort, known for the largest snowmaking operation on the west coast, has added some new energy efficient snow towers. The resort installed 10 new Viking V2 snow towers along Lower Stagecoach on the Nevada side.

Heavenly received a $29,913 dollar rebate from the Nevada Energy “Sure Bet” program.  The installation was costly, but the new V2 towers should pay huge benefits in reduced energy costs each year.

A Viking V2 is a 20 foot tower with a spray head that has 12 water jets and 2 air jets.  Water and compressed air are fed through the V2 to produce snow. The V2 is designed for fixed use, but it can be placed on a portable sled.
Viking V2 snow tower in operation: Photo from SMI Snow.

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