Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lance Armstrong officially stripped of seven titles

Your Tour de France winner!
The unraveling of Lance Armstrong’s cycling career has hit rock bottom.  The International Cycling Union (ICU) has decided to strip the seven time winner of his titles.  The record books will reflect no winner for the seven years that Armstrong won.
Pat McQuaid, President of ICU, told the AP, “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling, and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling,” “Make no mistake, it’s a catastrophe for him, and he has to face up to that.”

A group of "clean" cyclists in Paris.

This could be the start of some painful financial hardships for Armstrong.  The financial gains Armstrong received for his titles now come in to question.  Promoters who put up prize money may be asking for their money back.  Armstrong won a $7.5 million dollar judgment against a promoter who tried to withhold bonus money for his 2004 Tour victory. The promoter alleged Armstrong doped to win.
Where are Armstrong’s friends and allies now? His teammates have testified against him.  The U.S. and European doping agencies have called him a cheat. Even his most influential fan, Phil Liggett (the voice of professional cycling) recently announced that Armstrong made a fool of him all of those years.
So far, Armstrong has not apologized for his cheating.

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