Saturday, October 6, 2012

Red Bull Rampage insanity on mountain bikes

The free ride, big air mountain bike event called the Red Bull Rampage is going on this weekend in Virgin, Utah.  Fearless riders are challenged with natural terrain and ramps that launch them high in the air with often disastrous landings.

The Rampage began in 2001 as a fringe event for daredevils on downhill mountain bikes.  The event is slightly more mainstream now, but the jumps have gotten bigger and the drops increasingly insane.  Participants use words like "scary", "fear", and "crazy" when describing the event.

Riders determine their own route down treacherous cliffs and of ramps of their choice.  The more creative and risky the line, the better the score. The best 25 riders will make it to the finals on Sunday.

On Sunday, October 7, Red Bull is offering a live webcast of the finals. The NBC coverage will be December 8, 2012.

Check with for live streaming of the event.

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