Sunday, November 4, 2012

Officials denied Lindsey Vonn’s request to ski with men

Lindsey Vonn sent a letter to the International ski Federation (FIS) in early October, requesting that she be allowed to compete against the men in the first event of the season.
The FIS council met yesterday and ruled that women are not entitled to compete against men. There is a rule that says one gender is not allowed to compete against the other in World Cup events.

Max Gartner, president of Alpine Canada, was disappointed with the ruling. “I saw it as a great opportunity to raise the profile of the sport by attracting interest from people who do not normally follow ski racing, particularly in North America,” he said in a statement.
Critics said Vonn’s female competitors would have been at a disadvantage if she was allowed to compete with the men. The men’s and women’s events will be on the same course. There is also a rule that says competitors are not allowed on a course the week prior to competition.

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