Sunday, December 23, 2012

Enjoying the fresh Sierra Snow

Everyone who likes to get out in the snow is very happy right now. We haven’t seen snow accumulations like this in over 2 years. The snow just continues to fall and more snow is forecast throughout the week.

People just seem to be more friendly when the snow is falling. Drivers seem to be more courteous, the guys at the ski shops are in party mode, and the store owners are a little more attentive. Everyone in the bar is talking snow; where they skied, how deep the snow is, or guessing how much more will fall.

I was out at Northstar yesterday to check out the freshly powdered slopes. The skiing was great. The tracks were filling in as fast you could get back up for your next blast down the mountain. Tree skiing is still a little sketchy due to the thin base, but the way the snow has been falling, that shouldn’t be a problem by Christmas.

A group of us went for a snowshoe on the Truckee River Legacy trail today. The paved trail and the river trail were completely untracked. We were up to our knees in fresh powder.

If you haven’t been out in the snow yet, you’re missing out big-time.
Truckee River Legacy Trail

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