Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tahoe Fund raises money for South Lake Tahoe bike trail

The nonprofit Tahoe Fund presented a $12,850 dollar check to help fund a bike path in South Lake Tahoe.  The check was presented to the Tahoe Transportation District to help build the Rabe Meadow Bike Path. 

The Rabe Meadow Bike Path is a 1-mile segment of the proposed bike and pedestrian route around Lake Tahoe called the Lake Tahoe Bikeway.  The Rabe Meadow Path is the first segment of a 3-mile bike trail that goes from Stateline to Round Hill Pines Resort.

The new path will provide a direct connection from south shore’s tourist attractions and lodging to residents, shopping, school, and beach areas.  

The Tahoe Fund has a mission to restore and enhance the natural environment of the Lake Tahoe Basin by funding projects and programs that increase the enjoyment of the region for current and future generations. Information is available by calling 775-298-0035 and the Tahoe Fund website.

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