Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best bars in Truckee to watch the Super Bowl

Tourist Club Bar
I can’t say I’ve been to every bar in town, but I’ve seen my share. Every bar or bar/restaurant has its own unique atmosphere. My single priority for this showdown is the visibility of a good HD TV screen surrounded by passionate football fans. These are my top picks for Super Bowl Sunday in Truckee.

1.    The Blue Coyote Bar and Grill. This is the only sports bar in town. It’s a local hangout with more TV’s than Costco. They also have great food, great service and the place is BIG!
      Why watch here?  Every seat in the house is a great seat.
2.    Moody’s Bistro Bar and Beats. The main room has two flat screens over the bar and a projection screen. Great happy hours and great food.  

Why watch here? Good viewing and drink specials. 

3.    Bar of America. This restaurant is under new management and has a great menu. They have several TV’s and plenty of sports fans. This place use to be a Bank of America and before that a Greyhound Bus Depot.  What’s not to like? 

Why watch here? Because this is where Truckee fans have always gone on gameday. 

4.    Fifty/Fifty Brewing Company. TV’s are everywhere but the small town charm is missing. Not a local’s place. The food is fine and the beer is cold.
Why watch here? It’s on the way home from the North shore and you want to catch the game before driving back to the bay area.
5.    The Cotton Wood Restaurant. They have a great bar with only 2 tiny TV’s. This is a warm rustic place with great burgers. 

Why watch here? The food and the atmosphere. This place is an old ski lodge. 

6.    Tourist Club.  Loud and rowdy at times. The TV’s are weak and the booze they are cheap. Local dive bar, but entertaining.
Why watch here? Cheap booze and few rules.
7.    Past Time Club.  A local joint with two TV’s. Ask for a “shifter” for a $1 dollar beer.
Dog friendly Tourist Club
Why watch here? Cheap booze and no rules. If the scene goes bad, the Tourist Club is just a few doors down.
Squaw and Alpine Meadows are also having special Super Bowl showings.


  1. While the blue coyote may have a lot of tv's they are all small and have terrible quality.