Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hope Valley receives restoration grant money

Hope Valley is one of the largest meadows in the Sierra region. It is a highly visible meadow and popular recreation destination because it is intersected by Highways 88 and 89 in Alpine County.

American Rivers received a grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to support a recreation project in Hope Valley. The grant will support two years of work to restore key headwater meadows and monitor the benefits to fish, wildlife and downstream water users.
Hope Valley Meadow was degraded when roads were built through it, streams were diverted, and livestock overgrazed it. American Rivers will identify all of the problems and recommend fixes.
Healthy meadows soak up snowmelt like a sponge to store water in the spring. Water flows out of the meadows during the summer when rivers need it most. California’s rivers and downstream communities depend on this stored water supply.
Funding for the grant is Proposition 84: the water supply and flood control bond of 2006.

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