Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Truckee River Legacy Trail extension planned for summer

The Truckee River Legacy Trail extension project is still on target to begin this summer. Phase 3B is targeted to extend from the current dead end near the Wastewater Treatment Plant, cross Martis Creek, and up the bluff to Glenshire Drive.
Phase 3B is actually broken into 3 segments. The first segment is the 1.5 mile section to the east side of Martis Creek. This phase includes a bridge over Martis Creek. The second segment continues up the bluff and ends near Glenshire Drive. The final segment completes the trail to Glenshire Drive.

Cost estimates put the Phase 3B construction price at $4.6 million dollars. The actual bid price will determine how much of the trail can be constructed. The job is supposed to go out for bid in June. If final permitting and funding proceed as planned, construction could begin in August of 2013.
The town of Truckee received $2.9 million in funding from the California River Parkway grant program for the Truckee River Legacy Trail extension. Funds from this grant are collected through the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006.
Hikers can view the proposed extension route by following the trail ribbons to the east of where the pavement ends. The trail stays out on the edge of the bluff where users will get a good view of the Truckee River. When the trail passes the Wastewater Treatment Plant, it goes lower on the bluff so trail users won’t have to look at the treatment plant.
The Truckee River Legacy Trail has been part of the Town’s General Plan for 18 years. The plan calls for the trail to extend westerly to Donner Lake once the east extension to Glenshire Drive is completed.

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