Friday, August 2, 2013

South Lake Tahoe loop road project is back on track

Hwy. 50 near Stateline.
The controversial plan to reroute Hwy.50 at Stateline is once again back in the news. The plan concept began sometime in the 80's to improve traffic flow on Hwy.50.

Little has happened in the past 30 years because the "improvement" goes through Nevada and California, as well as multiple lower level jurisdictions and there has been huge homeowner resistance.

We may be at the tipping point where the State and local governments will override local resistance. The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is the lead for the project.

The project is being touted as efficient traffic flow with safety in mind. The plan will also provide "environmental and visual improvements". Hwy. 50 would be rerouted behind Harrah's and MontBleu and the current road will be developed into a 3 lane "main street" district.

There are up to 70 older homes that would have to be torn down for the new road. Naturally, home owners don't want to leave. Many community leaders see the new road as an opportunity for revitalization of a tourist center.
Loop road proposal. Click to enlarge.

For the most up to date information on the matter, subscribe to the TTD's website.

The goal for TTD is to begin "relocating" homeowners in August of 2015. Construction could begin in the summer of 2017.

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