Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New bicyle 3-foot safety law signed by Govenor

No more "buzzing".
Govenor Jerry Brown signed into law the "three-foot rule" that requires passing cars to keep at least 36 inches from cyclists when passing, or to slow to a safe speed if they are unable to move far enough to the left when passing.

Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D) penned a similar bill which was vetoed in the past. This latest iteration of the law received an overwhelming bipartisan vote. Bradford said, "We want safer streets for bikes and motorists".

Current law requires motorists to pass cyclists at a "safe distance". The Bradford bill (AB 1371)defines the safe distance as a minimum of three feet.

Careless or angry motorists can no longer "buzz" cyclists legally. This new 3-foot rule will help keep cyclists safer.

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