Friday, September 27, 2013

Tough Mudder racing returns to Northstar September 28-29

Tough Mudder obstacle racing is so popular they had to add a second day to handle all the participants. Racing begins at 8:00am on Saturday, with wave starts every 15 minutes until 1:15pm. On Sunday the racing begins at 9:00am and continues with wave starts until 10:15am.

Tough Mudder is an untimed endurance "event", not a race. The challenge is to test your strength and stamina and enjoy the camaraderie of others. Tough Mudder encourages participants to sign up together and form teams.

The course is just over 10 miles long, starting at mid-mountain, traveling to the top of Mt. Pluto (elevation 8,610 feet), and returning to mid-mountain. There are approximately 20 "obstacles" along the course that have to be crossed. Obstacles include mud, climbing walls, electric wires, water, and plank walks.

Tough Mudders are fun to watch, but spectators will be charged a "spectator fee" of $40 dollars on race day. The Zephyr, Arrow, and Comstock lifts will be running to take spectators up the hill.

The last Tough Mudder event caused morning traffic congestion in both directions around the entrance to Northstar on Hwy. 267. "Premium" parking is available at Northstar on Saturday only with advance parking payment. Others will park at Boreal Ridge and get bussed to Northstar.

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