Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Iconic Reno bridge will be demolished

The 108 year-old Virginia Street Bridge is slated for demolition next spring. The aging concrete structure is crumbling into the river and poses a flood risk, due to its flow restricting design. The two-span concrete arch bridge holds back water during flood season and occasionally forces water into downtown Reno.

Virginia Street Bridge
On October, 11, 2013 the Truckee River Flood Management Authority voted to approve the demolition of the bridge. The vote was approved with a funding agreement through the City of Reno that provides $7.2 million dollars to start the project. The total cost to get a new bridge built is estimated to be between $17 and $20 million dollars. $10 million of that will be federal funding through the Nevada Department of Transportation.

The new bridge will be three feet higher and will have a single span that won't restrict water flow. Traffic will be impacted for the entire 18 month demolition and construction process.

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