Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lack of snow forces Royal Gorge to close

Lack of snow has brought the temporary closure of Royal Gorge, North America’s largest cross country skiing resort. The weather at Royal Gorge is a pleasant 29 degrees and sunny, but they will be closed “until further notice”.
Royal Gorge and the surrounding property is owned by The Tahoe Donner Land Trust and partners. Sugar Bowl Ski Resort operates Royal Gorge.
Two days ago Royal Gorge had 23 groomed tracks for a total of 34 kilometers of skiing, but the sunny days have been hard on the 30 day old snow. Trail groomers have been fighting ice and obstacles.
The 10 day weather outlook from The Weather Channel shows sunny conditions with a slight chance of a light snow on Thursday, January 9. If you have a snow dance, start dancing.
See my Lake Tahoe cross country ski report to see what areas are still open.

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