Thursday, March 6, 2014

Diamond Peak Ski Resort plans future development

Diamond Peak Ski Resort is moving forward in their Master Plan Update process. The plan includes ideas to offer year-round recreation by incorporating the latest advances in ski area development and multi-season operations.

 Crystal Express Chair at Diamond Peak.

There are a number of summer activities that are being explored. Some of the activities include:

Hiking trail network
Mountain biking
Canopy tours
Zip lines
Paint ball
Disc golf
Summer tubing
Climbing wall
Horseback riding

In addition to adding activities, the plan calls for updating existing facilities and improving parking. The Base Lodge and Snowflake Lodge are in need of upgrade and expansion. Additional novice terrain needs to be added and the Lakeview Quad Chair lacks sufficient capacity.

Diamond Peak also plans to upgrade snowmaking capabilities and smooth out the terrain on some of the ski runs.

The last public hearing on the Master Plan Update was last month. There will be more hearings and presentations as the process continues.

Diamond Peak began life as Ski Incline in 1966 with three lifts and a T-bar. Lifts were added through the years that added advanced terrain. In 1987 the name was changed to Diamond Peak in reference to the industry term "black diamond" for advanced terrain.

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