Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Folsom’s Johnny Cash bike trail construction set to begin

Old Folsom Prison.

Construction will begin this month on the 2.5 mile Johnny Cash bike/pedestrian trail. The trail was named after the famous singer who made Folsom Prison a household name with his performances inside the prison and his song “Folsom Prison Blues”.

The trail is aligned with East Natoma Street through Folsom Prison Property. The prison has agreed to the right-of-way so prison employees can use the trail to ride to work

Construction will begin on a 1.3 mile section from Prison Road to Folsom Lake Crossing Road. The entire project should be complete by the end of next year. The trail will link existing trails around Lake Natoma with Folsom Lake.

The most visible feature of the Johnny Cash trail will be the bike/pedestrian bridge over Folsom Lake Crossing Road. The bridge will have a “modern interpretation” of the features on the guard towers at Folsom Prison. 
Folsom Prison is the second oldest prison in the State system. It opened in 1880.


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