Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life’s short. Enjoy the ride Superman

Time Trial Racing: Folsom, CA

Cycling is a sport that caters to everyone.  Anyone can find a bike and a place to ride that suits their style, ability, and inspiration. Riding a bike reminds us of our childhood and love of play. Cycling is freedom and solitude or teamwork and tactics. We can let our imaginations wander or focus hard on the task at hand.

Passionate cyclists work hard training for races they will suffer in later. Sometimes it is the cyclist who is willing to suffer the most that will take home the win. In some situations, it is the cyclist who can capitalize on another’s misfortune who will be victorious.  Competition is a cat and mouse game, but the training is always long and arduous.

Recreational cyclists put in hard mileage when they want to, but they can always take the time to stop for a picture, help with a flat, or enjoy a view. Organized Century Rides bring camaraderie and good food to rides. People getting together to exercise and push each other to new heights brings a measure of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Cycling is many things to many people. Beg, borrow, or rent a bike if you haven’t been on one lately. Rediscover how much fun cycling can be. Why do you ride?

Riding makes me feel like Superman.

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